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Congratulation! Your unit has nominated you to set out on a journey to obtain the prestigious Sergeant Audie Murphy Award (SAMA). During this journey, you will demonstrate the abilities and knowledge you possess to set yourself apart from your peers and earn the right to become a member of the SAMC. The sacrifice, dedication, and commitment to the community and NCO Corps is appreciated and respected.


       The purpose of this guide is to give you basic information on going through the board process and Audie Murphy's information. You will need to spend time in the actual ARs, DA PAMs, FMs, ADP, and ADRP to obtain the knowledge needed to make a decisive answer to the question ahead. This is not your one-stop shop for studying for the board. We encourage you to see out mentorship from your Senior Leaders, Army Programs SME, and SAMC members. At the end of this journey, we hope to clasp your hand as we welcome you as a recipient of the SAMA and a member of the SAMC family!

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